Monday, September 1, 2008

Neopets = Real-Life Drama

Ethan (signing on to Neopets): It's called Hot Dog Hero. You have a limited amount of ketchup which you can use as a little bridge. And mustard is super bouncy so you can use it as a super bouncy bridge. You can use it to bounce up on things. And mayonnaise is used to walk up walls. So that's how you play.

(Ethan makes a mistake.)

Samuel: Ethan! Do you remember how to play?

Ethan: Yep. See?

Samuel: Look out! No, no.

Ethan (panicked): How do I jump?

Samuel: You know when that happens you can draw another line beneath you.

Hot Dog Hero: Way to go! You completed level 1.

Ethan: THAT'S how you play!

Samuel: Ethan, jump to get the pickle!

Ethan: I know how to do it. See?

Samuel: There's the key! More mustard!

Ethan: Got it!

(Ethan misses.)

Ethan: Oh! I'm gonna go with ketchup!

Samuel: Maybe you should go with mayonnaise. You could use mayonnaise and walk right to the door.

Hot Dog Hero: Sorry, but you have run out of hot dogs.

Ethan: Oh, no! (Brightens) I'm gonna play again!

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