Monday, September 15, 2008

First Week of School

Well, it's been one full week of school for the boys, and I'm unhappy to report that I have absolutely no information whatsoever.

Todd: How is school going?

Ethan: Fine.

Todd: What did you do today?

Ethan: Stuff.

Todd: Like what?

Ethan: Boring stuff. I need to go on

Todd: Samuel, how is school going?

Samuel: Good.

Todd: What did you do today?

Samuel: Stuff.

Todd: What kind of stuff?

Samuel: Stuff stuff.

Ethan: Dad, once in "My Gym Partner is a Monkey," Jake was talking to another guy and he said, "What's on Mars?" and the guy said, "Stuff." And Jake said, "What kind of stuff?" And the guy said, "Mars stuff." And Jake said, "Oh, cool, I like Mars stuff." Mom, I made up a pirate karate move. Watch this.

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