Saturday, November 29, 2008

10 Things to do Over Thanksgiving Weekend

1. Get invited to a party on 77th Street overlooking the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons on Wednesday night. Vow to write a children's book called Stinksgiving Day Parade.

2. Take the train to Princeton Junction, New Jersey and spend Thanksgiving Day with relatives. Make toilet-humor-filled family video that Jen won't allow on YouTube. Remember how great babies smell and how much fun it is to make them laugh by kissing their necks.

3. Photoshop Ethan onto an album cover...just because.

4. Follow Iowa Wrestling on the Internet.

5. Help Ethan sell a book he wrote for 50 cents on the sidewalk at Amsterdam and 82nd. (Yes, he was successful.)

6. Go "ice skating" on the synthetic rink at the Museum of Natural History. (The hot chocolate costs $3.25, and the fake ice is like skating on linoleum sprayed with Pam. But kinda fun nonetheless.)

7. Order cheap Mexican food and eat in.

8. Take Kahlua for a walk in Central Park with the boys after 9pm. Let her run around without her leash.

9. Complain about everything that could be better.

10. Be thankful for everything that could be worse.

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