Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Future

A lot of people start out with optimistic idealism, and as they grow older they become pessimistic and cynical. For reasons unknown, I started out pessimistic and cynical, and as I've gotten older I've become optimistic and idealistic. Go figure.

For starters, I lowered my expectations of other people, and raised my own. More important, I had kids, which fundamentally redefined the way I looked at the world. I have seen two little babies be born and grow into beautiful boys, and as a result I know first-hand that the world contains love and hope and joy.

I didn't think I would be particularly moved by this election, but I'm moved in large part by seeing how much others are moved by it. I'm optimistic for our country, and optimistic for Samuel and Ethan's future, and optimistic that the world really can change.

The world will always be a mixture of wonderful and horrible, and the best we can do is appreciate and nurture and align ourselves with the things that are wonderful, and little by little, maybe we really will make the world a teeny bit better by having been here.

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