Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our building has a party in the lobby every year, and all the kids go trick-or-treating in the building. Because most of the grown-ups are down in the lobby, they just leave giant bowls of candy outside their doors for the kids to get.

At the end of the evening Ethan had about four times as much candy as Samuel.

Ethan has also become more sophisticated in the past year. I used to just be able to take stuff out of his bag the day after Halloween and he wouldn't even notice. This year he's done a complete inventory and is now auctioning off his overstock of Milky Ways and Butterfingers. So far I've paid 48 cents for 5 "fun size" candy bars and a loose Sweet Tart. I still have $4.38 in change sitting next to me, so the auction continues.

Just bought another Milky Way for 10 cents.

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