Saturday, November 15, 2008

Breakfast With Samuel

Samuel puts extra sugar on his cinnamon toast. He is meticulous about it, covering both sides and all corners. He uses a total of 6 sugar packets. He has a tiny bit left at the end, which he pours into his chocolate milk. He will not start eating until the full routine is completed. He got this from Jennifer's side of the family; I'm almost done by the time he takes his first bite.

What's happening in Samuel's life these days:

He gets along well with John, Lindsey, Ben, Halle, and Leah. He likes his teacher, Mr. Williams. Leah calls Mr. Williams "Darth Williams," but Mr. Williams says he prefers not to be called that.

He wants to build a hover board. He saw a video on You Tube called "How to make hover shoes." John suggested they do it with an old skateboard instead of shoes. So Samuel has a list of things to buy, including large magnets. He wonders where we can buy some large magnets.

He likes "Ben 10 Alien Force" and "Total Drama Island" on Cartoon Network. He also likes the video for "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" by Weird Al. He recites the full lyrics for me.

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