Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Tae Kwon Do gym people

First, thanks for teaching my son Ethan Tae Kwon Do. It has helped him focus, which keeps him from spinning completely off the planet and into outer space.

Second, yes, I agree, the ancient art of Tae Kwon Do is amazing, even mystical. Yes, the way the kids shout things out in unison, do their dance-like moves, kick and hit each other with knives and bamboo poles...all really cool.

In fact, I'd say I'm willing to sit through a good 15--no, 20--minutes of it at the graduation ceremony in order to see Ethan break a board and receive his purple belt.

But after--let's go crazy and say 45 minutes--we were kind of planning to go to brunch, then go home and take the dog out, do laundry, take our other son to a birthday know, non-Tae Kwon Do-related activities. We were kinda thinking that a kids' Tae Kwon Do graduation ceremony would only take up a portion of the day.

Long story short, it occurs to me that maybe I just haven't mastered the ancient art of Patience. I am wondering if you have one of those yoga-type meditation classes? Maybe a 15-minute one? With a really short graduation ceremony?

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