Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Low-cut jeans

Christmas was good. I'd post the photos, but I forgot to put the data card into my camera on Christmas morning, and I'm too lazy to rummage through the hundreds of computer cables to find the one that downloads images from the camera when you've forgotten to load the data card.

So instead, here's a picture of me in my new low-cut jeans, which I got at Macys' after-Christmas sale.

(Disclaimer: images on this blog may be graphically enhanced and/or feature body doubles.)

Jennifer and I went shopping together--which itself could be considered kind of a gift to her--and we both got new jeans. Because we are old, we are jean-culturally illiterate. If this were 1981, for example, I would know that she should get Calvin Kleins or Jordache, and I should get Levis, and straight legs are IN, and maybe on the way out of the store I'd be offered a free sample of Paco Rabanne.

(It was in 1981 that I discovered that Brut cologne is considered extremely uncool among the sorority scene. But I digress.)

So it's 2008, and neither Jen nor I have a clue. Is Baby Phat a hip brand? Are white women allowed to wear them? (Jen ultimately opted for a pair of Rocawear jeans, with a big cursive "R" on the butt, which looks remarkably similar to the Jordache "J," if you ask me.)

To play it safe, I went for the Levis. But when I got home I discovered that they're low-cut, so they feel like I'm wearing a thong, or a pair of extra-small Speedos (yikes, another flashback). So I've spent the past few days getting used to them, and hiking them up every 15 minutes or so.

But, as you can see, they look pretty good on me, so I'm sticking with them.

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