Sunday, December 14, 2008

Samuel is home

Samuel was gone for two nights on a class trip to Washington, DC. It's the first time he's been gone for two nights. The first night, Ethan cried because he was lonely watching TV by himself, and when he went on the computer to play Dragon Fable he couldn't figure out how without Samuel's help.

The second night, I yelled at Ethan for throwing his shoe in McDonalds, and he just kind of withered and puckered up his face and the tears came again. He hadn't cried in quite awhile--and hadn't acted up in awhile, either--and I think it was all related to Samuel being gone.

When Samuel came home Friday night we put both boys to bed and Ethan told Samuel how much he missed him. Samuel climbed into Ethan's bed and hugged him for a few minutes.

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