Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorry about this little recession thing

There is a lot of finger pointing about who's to blame for this recession, but so far no one has blamed themselves. Well, I'm willing to step up.

No, I didn't package and re-sell any complex financial securities. But I might have, had I had any clue about how to do it. Apparently I would've made a lot of money in 2006--enough to buy, say, Romania, which would've been kind of cool.

No, I didn't take out a variable-rate mortgage with a low teaser rate so that I could live in a penthouse overlooking Central Park instead of a ground-floor apartment overlooking a sidewalk. But I probably would have, if Jennifer and Samuel weren't around to stop me. (Ethan would've gone along with it.)

I didn't buy several unfinished Miami Beach condos, sight unseen, with the intention of flipping them before construction was complete. But I surely would've, if I'd had a little more ambition and more than $150 in savings.

I didn't even leverage our home equity to the hilt in order to remodel our kitchen. But, hell, I still might. Our circa-1988 white refrigerator is so old that it's starting to look retro. Chalk that up to laziness as well.

So, all in all, I think it's fair to say that this recession is pretty much my fault. The good news is, it would've been even worse if I weren't so stupid, submissive, and unmotivated.

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