Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to the Funplex

I was so upset by the evil A-holes from Michigan and their sickly mongrel mutt (see previous blog entry below) that I needed a distraction. So I took Samuel, Ethan, and their friends Leila and Jenan to the Funplex in New Jersey.

Ethan got carsick, which slowed us down, but he apologized and I only docked his allowance for one week, so we were back on the road quickly.

First stop at Funplex: MagiQuest. Samuel and Ethan have their own wands.

Next, the foam balls.

A short break for nachos and Icees.

Then go-karts,

laser tag,

bumper cars,

and Freefall. (Samuel says he mastered his fear of Freefall, and now he wants to go skydiving.)

We capped off the evening with one more round of MagiQuest before the inevitable 10:55pm announcement that Funplex was closing for the night. A quick drive-thru at Taco Bell, and we were back home on our beautiful Upper West Side with full bellies and sleepy eyes by 12:15. Life should be like this every day. Except for the car sickness, Ethan says.

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