Friday, May 1, 2009

Ethan's field trip

Dad! Guess what? Today we went on a field trip! We let 45 fish go! We had them in an aquarium in our classroom, and we took them on the field trip and let them go!

And Dad! I confronted one of my worst fears!


Uh-huh! At one part, after we let the fish go? We looked at this paper and it showed a bunch of bugs. About a hundred of them! It said all of those bugs were IN THE WATER! I got really scared! The water was only 10 feet away from us!

Then a guy brought a see-through bowl? And he scooped up some water? And there were 20 of those bugs! I was so creeped out! They were all creepy and just floating around in the water!

And Dad! Then he demonstrated picking one up with a spoon! He picked one up that would nip your finger.

(Did you touch it?)

No! I said I didn't want to touch it. And so I didn't have to.

Also, guess what? We had to EAT LUNCH THERE. I had a bagel with cream cheese!

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