Saturday, April 24, 2010

DeLorean weekend

We rolled out of town on Friday evening, dinner at Taco Bell somewhere in Jersey, at our hotel by 10:30. Saturday morning we were at the PepBoys in suburban Philly for the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club's spring social event. 20 DeLoreans, 1 happy Samuel.

Jennifer was happy to go shopping by herself at Target all morning. (She joined us at lunch.)

Ethan got the prize for patience; he mostly rode his Heelies around the parking lot, stopping every every five minutes to ask, "How much longer?"

And I was calculating in my head on the drive home how we could make this DeLorean thing work. Could we rent a garage in NJ? When would we ever actually drive it? How much is insurance? Be afraid, Jennifer. Be very afraid.

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