Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy, rainy Saturday

10am: Samuel and I got a rental car and drove to New Jersey for a DeLorean event. Samuel got a DeLorean keychain, note pad, and polo shirt.

Jennifer and Ethan stayed in the city to go shopping for jewelry beads.

2pm: Back in NYC. I dropped off Samuel at the movie theater for a birthday party.

3pm: With the Yankees on the radio, I picked up Jennifer and Ethan from bead shopping and returned the rental car.

6:30pm: Jennifer went out to dinner with a friend. Ethan and I walked in the rain to 93rd Street to pick up Samuel from his friend's house. We had sushi, then--when we were finally dry--walked back home in the rain.

8pm: I did laundry and took all the recyclables down to the basement while the boys watched non-stop on-demand episodes of "Adventure Time," which I just don't get. Kahlua is staying close to me because she's afraid of thunder--or "Adventure Time," I'm not sure which.

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