Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Okay, I'm excited again

After lamenting that "How About a Kiss for Me?" appeared to have been relegated to the $3 discount bin by Scholastic, Jennifer calmly read the fine print and informed me that it was a paperback version, not the hardcover.


I didn't know they'd made a paperback version. So...that would be...good.

And THEN I saw that it's also being offered as a "Read-Along" CD/book combo. Which I knew nothing about. But also good.

And that little girl with the circa 1978 headphones is very cute. She is probably about 40 now.

So...I'm going to shut up now and be happy.

Link to Scholastic flyer.

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  1. First & foremost, I have to say that getting the Scholastic flyer (I'm drawing a blank as to what we called them when I was a kid), was one of the highlights of my childhood. No kidding. I would peruse the hell out of them and pick all the ones I wanted. I never got them all, but certainly it was fun to wish. I love that you are in these!