Sunday, April 22, 2012

DeLorean weekend

It was supposed to rain this weekend, so we rented a convertible. We knew that if we didn't, it would be sunny just to spite us. 

Sure enough, it was hot and sunny all day Saturday, and we kept the top down until Jen complained about allergies.

Our destination was Hackettstown, NJ, where the DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club was holding its Spring Social. We arrived fashionably late (five hours) to the tech event and lunch, but it was enough time for Samuel to buy his sixteenth DeLorean shirt and a flux capacitor pin that lights up.

The main event, however, was dinner Saturday night.

The guest speaker was a former studio manager for the company that created "Back to the Future...The Ride" in 1989-91. He showed slides of the production process. It was done pre-computer animation, so everything was shot on a miniature set of Hill Valley 2015.

Samuel got to talk with him afterwards while I was busy playing ball on the floor with some little girls. (We all have our priorities.) We stayed at a hotel with a pool AND whirlpool, had pancakes this morning, and were back in town by noon. It's been raining ever since.


  1. wow, we have DeLorean events every year in august when its not raining ....

  2. Sounds like a completely providential weekend trip!