Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My morning so far

7:30am: Looked in mirror, reminded myself I need to lose 5 pounds. Did I really need two Snickers bars for dessert last night?

8:20am: Late getting the boys out the door for school. They pack their lunches on Wednesdays, which always takes 15 minutes, and we never factor that into the schedule.

8:25am: Had to stop at a deli to get a sandwich for Ethan's lunch. He was frustrated because he's tired of turkey on a bagel and nothing else sounded good, and I was rushing him because we were late. He settled for a chocolate-peanut-butter Balance bar. I thought, "I'll hear about this from Jennifer tonight."

8:30am: We couldn't get a cab. Samuel said, "Here comes a bus!" We started to get on, but I realized I didn't have my MetroCard. Cursed out loud instead of internally.

8:35am: Got a cab and got the boys dropped off one minute before school started.

8:45am: Walked across the park to work. Looked at the sleeve of my newly dry-cleaned suit and realized a bird had crapped on me.

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