Friday, July 27, 2012

Canada Vacation: The Wrap-Up

We headed back from Canada on Thursday afternoon. We had reservations for camping Thursday night in Lake George, but it was raining when we got there, and it was supposed to rain all night. So we had a leisurely dinner at Pizza Hut, then said the heck with it, let's just drive the 4 hours back to Manhattan and sleep in our own beds. (Honestly, I was pretty camped out for the summer anyway.)

We still had to pay the $45 campground fee, but we saved one night of dog boarding for Bailey and Kahlua by coming home early. Our apartment smelled a bit musty after four rainy days and nights with the air conditioning off and the cat's litter box uncleaned.

Ah, home.

Random final thoughts:
  • Montreal was fun, but other than the fact that the signs were in French, it was basically just a city. We were ready to come home after three nights, that's all I'm saying.
  • Why the heck is Queen Elizabeth on the Canadian currency? Couldn't they come up with one notable Canadian? Like John Candy? Or Michael J. Fox?
  • Ethan asked who the President of Canada is, and Jen, Samuel, and I were clueless. "Isn't it like a Prime Minister or something? Is it Garry Trudeau? Wait, no, I think he's a cartoonist."
  • Ethan said, "So is Canada basically just a rip-off of France? Like, what do they make there besides Canadian bacon?"
  • We are the reason Canadians hate Americans.

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