Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Vacation, Days 2 & 3.

Yesterday we drove 3 hours from Lake George to Montreal. We had forgotten to sign our passports, but the border guard let us through anyway.

I don't get the whole duty-free thing. So you can save a couple of bucks on liquor and cologne? That's what the whole to-do is about?

We found our hotel without using a map. Jen and I were afraid to turn on our mobile phones for fear of having thousands of dollars in roaming fees.

Ethan was very excited to see Canadian money.

This morning we slept late, went to a science museum, searched in vain for an authentic French bakery in Old Montreal, then took the car out and drove around Montreal aimlessly until we happened upon the Olympic Tower, which was fun.

I'm starting to speak with a French accent.

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  1. Very wise not to turn your cell phones on. What a disaster that would have been. Just text messaging requires a savings of at least an arm, leg & three sets of toes. ;-P