Sunday, May 18, 2014

So about last night...

Around 1am, Samuel fell asleep on our bed, fully clothed. He'd been doing homework.

Jen was watching a movie on Netflix next to him. She fell asleep too.

Ethan was still up when I went to bed at 2:30. He was watching a 2-hour YouTube video of a person playing "The Walking Dead" video game.

I didn't want to wake Samuel, so I crawled between him and Jen. It was crowded. I had to lay on my side.

Ethan went to bed around 3, but at 3:30 he came in because he couldn't fall asleep in his room. He crawled in bed between me and Jen.

At 4am, Jen got some blankets and moved to the living room sofa.

At 5am, Samuel moved to his bed.

Jen got up at 9:30. I got up at 10:45. Ethan and Samuel got up at 1.

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