Monday, May 19, 2014

Sugar & Plumm

Every time I walk past Sugar and Plumm on Amsterdam and 78th, there are hordes of sugared-up little kids in there drinking milkshakes and eating sundaes, and I always want to drop whatever I'm doing and go hang out with them. The last time Samuel and I walked by, we hatched a plan to commandeer a 5-year-old, take her there, and force her to eat candy until she smiles.

So I texted the mom of our favorite 5-year-old, and we scheduled a playdate. She even wore her blue tutu from Granny-Made, which I got her for her birthday last summer.

Samuel and I had corn dogs, french fries, a black-and-white milkshake and an ice cream soda (made with Diet Coke). Little L had to eat some salmon and green beans before she could have some french fries, but she has apparently grown up in a family where such things are considered normal.

This was followed, alas, by lots and lots of candy.

Here is L eating her purple rock candy necklace. And smiling.


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