Friday, January 30, 2015

30 Days of Rhyme: Day 30 - The Ninjas 'fore Christmas, pt. 4

All of a sudden there came a loud crash
A boom and a bang, a screech and a smash.
"What was that?" shouted Fin from up high in the tree.
"Something crash landed!" yelled Baxter. "Let's see!"

They saw two straight tracks leading into the snow.
Then they heard the faint sound of a soft "Ho, ho, ho."
"Dig!" shouted Baxter. "Go faster!" cried Blinky.
"Brrrrppp!" bellowed Burpy. "Stop belching!" yelled Stinky.

They dug and they dug 'til their fingers were raw.
When they finished they couldn't believe what they saw:
Eight tiny reindeer attached to a sled!
And there at the reins was a man dressed in red!

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