Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Structure vs. Creativity

I dislike rules. But I like structure.

Structured creativity is more difficult than unbridled creativity. Can you retain the creativity of a story AND make it rhyme? Can you fit it into a traditional story arc (conflict, rising action, climax, resolution)? Can you incorporate traditional picture book elements like repetition and a child protagonist? Structured creativity is a challenge. That makes it fun. 

I chose a career in media because I embrace creativity and chaos. But every morning I write a to-do list. My daily mission is to harness the chaos for the next 24 hours. Structure harnesses creativity and puts it where you want it to go.

Some say that structure is the enemy of creativity. I get that. I kind of agree with that.

But remember that commercial about your brain on drugs?

This is creativity with structure:

This is creativity without:

Any questions?

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