Friday, February 17, 2017

Super Diaper Dog

It's true that I've missed having a little one in diapers around the house, but this is not what I had in mind.

Poor little 14-year-old Kahlua is...I don't want to publicly embarrass her, but recently she's begun leaking like a sieve. This kind of thing happens when you live to be 98 in dog years. #nojudgments #illbeoldsomedaytoo

In addition to diapers she's on three different medications to control chronic wheezing. I have to hide the pills in Stella & Chewy's to get her to eat them. She got wise to the little-dab-of-peanut-butter trick pretty quickly and learned how to just swallow the peanut butter and quietly spit out the pill when I wasn't looking.

She also can't hear a thing. When I walk through the front door of our apartment Bailey jumps up and down and runs to get his toy, but Kahlua just sleeps right through it.

She's lived a good life, she's still in good spirits despite the travails of being old, and we're happy to have a little more time with her, however much longer that turns out to be.

Truth be told, the first time I removed her diaper, I heard that familiar sound of sticky tape ripping away from plastic, and it brought back memories. I really do miss having a little one in diapers around the house. 

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