Friday, February 3, 2017

The latest

Ethan performed an acapella solo at his high school "coffee house" last night. He didn't want us to attend, but we promised we would pretend not to know him and vice-versa.

He was one of maybe two acts that hit all the notes. Not trying to be a competitive parent or anything. Just saying.

There's a giant rotating cube sculpture in the middle of Astor Place that all drunk NYU students push. I think I first pushed it in 1982. Happy to report that Jen is no longer an Astor Place cube virgin.

Our apartment building's front door was finally refinished after two years of my monthly complaining to the board. (And I'm even on the board.) See? Was that so damn hard? Our entrance no longer looks like an unfinished Home Depot project. Nicest front door on the block.

I got an unexpected check in the mail. My first picture book, "How About a Kiss for Me?," which is no longer even in print, was licensed to Scholastic. 

Jen and I have not had a romantic vacation since 1997. The money is going toward that.

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