Sunday, February 19, 2017

Top 5 things about this weekend

5. The weather topped 60. I went running in the park Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm sore from  running three days in a row. But it feels like summer.

4. We finally caught that damn mouse. We haven't had a mouse in ten years, and about two weeks ago Jen saw a small one peeking out from behind the kitchen stove. We put traps out, including a battery-operated zapper, but no luck. Today Jen said, "Did you just hear a buzzing noise?" The zapper got him.

3. I got a haircut. And can I tell you? I look awesome.

2. Jen and I made reservations for a romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic in March. We haven't been on a romantic vacation since...ever. We haven't even had time to make the damn reservations.

1. I sold a picture book manuscript on Friday. It will be book #8. Caveat: it's not a done deal 'til it's a done deal, so we'll chill on this while the paperwork gets worked out. But the excitement comes when you read the email that you got an offer, not when you sign the contract. So it's #1 this weekend.

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