Friday, July 25, 2008

Kahlua is 5

Kahlua barks too much, she has a habit of sneezing in your face from one inch away, and she can't stop herself from stealing any morsel of food that's left unattended, even if it's on the table and you've warned her repeatedly NOT to get food from the table.

But these are mere personality quirks.

She loves being petted by strangers, walks to the pet store, car rides to anywhere, wrestling on the bed, and tummy rubs.

She hates thunder and being left alone in the apartment, especially when she sees us leaving with bags. She is also not particularly fond of the cat, whom she knows is evil (but doesn't know that we know it too).

She's a great dog. She may be the greatest dog in the world.

Happy birthday, Kahlua!

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