Sunday, July 20, 2008

Philadelphia Trip, Day 3

As official family spokesperson in charge of adolescent fun, I was able to negotiate a compromise in which, rather than physically stop to see the Liberty Bell, we simply drove by it in a modified amphibious military vehicle while quacking with plastic duck lips.

The vehicles were known as DUCKs, by virtue of some military acronymn that didn't really make sense (e.g., the letter "D" stood for the fact that they were commissioned in 1942...huh?). Nonetheless, this enabled it to count as an historical attraction.

Finally, on the way back to NYC we made time for one more historical experience, known as Medieval Times. Everyone should experience Medieval Times at least once: there are horses and knights and jousting and swordfights and a king and a queen (she may have been a princess--the storyline was a little hard to follow).

More disturbing were the groups of boisterous grown-ups with no kids in tow, who were either celebrating birthdays or there on some sort of corporate outing. (Note: never work for a company that has corporate outings at Medieval Times.)

The dramatic climax...

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