Thursday, July 17, 2008

Philadelphia Trip, Day 1

Seriously, lots of people would rather visit the Liberty Bell than waste the summer at a beach or waterpark. People over 75, for example.

But, you know, Jennifer and I are firmly united in our efforts to instill in Samuel and Ethan a keen appreciation of our nation's heritage, and that includes going to boring places like Philadelphia now and then.

(Full disclosure: I do, in fact, have a Master's degree in History, which some might argue was simply a way to avoid getting a job and/or continue to date college women well into my 20s. But I have the diploma, and I'm not above pointing to it in situations like this.)

Jennifer and I mutually agreed that rather than jump right into the full historical experience, we should ease into it by spending Day 1 at a beach. In this case, Ocean Grove, NJ, which actually counted as an historic attraction by virtue of the fact that it was a 19th-century Methodist community, and now has many restored Victorian homes. Enough about that. Here are the beach photos:

Jen and the boys show off the gopher hole that we built entirely out of sand...

Huggable Samuel...

Ethan's March to the Sea. (P.S. That's an historical reference.)

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