Friday, June 24, 2011

Another ones bites the dust

H&H Bagels at 80th & Broadway is closing after 40 years.

It's sad, but their prices were too high and they didn't even put butter or cream cheese on the you were somehow fortunate that they even bothered to open their doors to serve you.

For the record, I also managed to survive the "catastrophic" closures of Tavern on the Green, the Mayflower Hotel, the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center, Columbus Bakery, and Cafe La Fortuna, where John & Yoko hung out.

In fact, a lot of great NEW places have opened over the past few years--and not all of them named Starbucks, Chase, or Duane Reade. A sampling...

Ditch Plains, a family-friendly restaurant with a surfer theme, right down the block on 82nd Street...

Granny-Made, on Amsterdam...makes you want to have a few toddlers just to buy clothes for them.

Dean's Pizza on 85th! Big Daddy's on Broadway! 16 Handles on Amsterdam!

And don't forget Shake Shack on cheeseburgers ever!

I'm sorry H&H Bagels is closing, but I think everyone in this picture agrees that if you had to choose between H&H and Shake Shack...

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