Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back from Iowa

Glad I went.

I got to reminisce with old teammates at Friday night's get-together for the ex-wrestlers, including Mike "The Hammer" Hruska and Steve "The Brain" Kennevan. Hruska has gone up a couple of weight classes since 1991. Kennevan looks the same, except that he's lost most of his hair and now resembles either Ed Harris or Hume Cronyn, depending on how gracious you want to be. We are old. It's like a scene from "Cocoon."

I got to say hi to Gable and wish him well.

On Saturday morning I had breakfast with my in-laws and nephew at a Cracker Barrel in Davenport. They drove in from Illinios, met me halfway.

On Saturday night I attended Gable's formal retirement party, along with 799 other people.

And this morning I got to see the sun rise over the cornfields as I barreled down I-80 at 5am to catch my flight home. Good trip. A lot of memories rekindled. Happy to be home again.

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