Monday, June 20, 2011


Never listen to; it said partly cloudy and high of 80. But it was Father's Day, and I have impulse control issues. So we went anyway--with our wetshirts, just in case.

It was sunny and 85. Ha!

Very short lines--look at all those empty lounge chairs--on Father's Day! Are there no other dads in the tri-state area with impulse-control issues? Maybe they were all at Splish Splash and Hurricane Harbor. Good riddance.

We did the tube rides, the tipping bucket area, and the wave pool. On the way home we stopped off at their neighboring "mountain adventures" attraction, where Ethan rode his first zipline. No line there either.

Great Father's Day.

Sidebar: did anyone notice that Samuel is now the tallest member of the family?

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  1. Holy toledo! Glad to see you guys had an awesome Father's Day! My son is only 2, but I anticipate he'll be the tallest member of our family in a few years!