Saturday, June 18, 2011

My dinner with Samuel

Jennifer and Ethan went to a movie with friends last night, so Samuel and I had a date.

We went to the former EJ's, now known as Amsterdam Diner. It used to be one of our favorite restaurants when the boys were little. It was retro and kitschy. Now it's just old.

Afterwards we went to a new frozen yogurt place called 16 Handles. You make your own concoction from 16 different yogurt flavors and about 30 different toppings. You pay by weight, so of course if you're like me and Samuel, you end up paying $20 for two frozen yogurts.

This was Samuel's creation.

I was secretly pleased when I saw it, knowing that I'd probably get to eat at least half of it. I was right.


  1. I hate to ask, but please tell me those are not slices of hot dog on there!

  2. Don't be gross, Sandy, those are mini Reeses!

  3. But just sayin' - when I went to Trader Joes in LA they I'm not saying everyone loves dark chocolate, or even that everyone doesn't love chemical preservatives, but they had a rather large package of dark choclate PB cups that I downed single-handedly in a few days. It was disgusting/revelatory of the heavenly afterlife. Did I have help? My daughter and husband despise peanut butter - a great betrayal for an American mother - and my PB-loving son doesn't like chocolate...oh, that worked. Ate them constantly till they were gone and I could then move on to other pursuits.