Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello, Child Protective Services?

First of all, and most important, this was all Jennifer's idea.

Samuel has always wanted to stay at a "pod" hotel, which is a tiny room essentially consisting of a bed. They are popular in Japan (but so are seaweed, Hello Kitty, and The Carpenters, so what do they know?).

The closest thing in New York City is a "capsule hotel" called Yotel. It's on 42nd Street, a few blocks from Times Square, in an area that I like to call the Off-Broadway Theater District, or perhaps the Homeless Vomit District.

To cut to the chase, we let the boys spend the themselves.

We left them at 9 pm with strict instructions to stay in their room and call us if they needed us. We expected a panicked call from Ethan at 3 am asking us to come get him, but the only call we got was from Samuel at 9:30 asking for a computer security code sent to my email.

They Skyped with friends and played on their laptops until 2 am, then went to bed. That was that.

So...cross it off Samuel's bucket list.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm a very busy man; please direct all questions and concerns to Jennifer.

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