Sunday, August 24, 2014

Late summer update

It's been a bit of an odd summer. Colder than usual--that's not my imagination, is it?

Also more stressful for me than usual--due to not having a job, then due to having a new job. In my next life I will either be employee #5 at Google, or the prince of a small European principality. Either way my job duties will be limited to writing occasional children's books and making public appearances at water parks--traveling strictly by DeLorean.

Speaking of books, I sold manuscript #5 (not yet announced), and book #4 ("My Grandma is a Ninja") was officially announced. So, creatively speaking, that's an awesome summer.

I think the biggest change this summer is that Samuel and Ethan would rather be at home on the computer than hanging out with their parents. As you can see from the photo above, I've had to resort to hiring child actors to maintain the illusion of gleeful family outings.

Jen says when the boys go off to college she will still go to water parks with me. That is love. Perhaps I will reward her with a DeLorean.

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