Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our budget summer vacation, Day 3

We had an all-day outing to the Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Samuel and Jennifer took the four-hour "Wild Cave Tour." Ethan and I stuck to the regular thirty-minute tour, as Ethan's not crazy about small spaces and darkness and spiders and bats.

While Jen and Sam were gone, Ethan and I poked around town, drove over to a fancy resort called the Greenbrier at the next town over, then came back and basically sat around waiting for Jen and Sam.

It was a long four hours, which stretched into five because the cave tour ran long.

Ethan was not happy.

We had dinner at a Pizza Hut, then settled in for another night at the KOA, where we were the only tent in the entire campground. I guess Monday nights aren't a big camping night.

I will say this: I was a New York snob when it came to my preconceived notions of West Virginia. I thought it would be all hillbillies, coal miners, and moonshine. Maybe we were in the non-hillbilly part of the state, but I didn't see a single Bloodhound. Unfortunately.

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