Monday, August 4, 2014

Our budget summer vacation, Day 2

Today we took a five-hour tubing trip down the James River.

Two hours would've been ideal.

Ethan sulked. "This is the worst vacation ever. I'd rather be back in school than be on this vacation."

Then I accidentally dropped our rental car keys into the river.

I had just taken these photos and was putting my cell phone back into the plastic bag that held our valuables, and out dropped the car keys, right into the river. They sank like a rock.

I jumped out of my tube and frantically tried to find my footing against the current in the four-foot-deep water. Then I tried walking slowly back and forth feeling my way along the bottom with my toes, hoping for a miracle. After fifteen minutes I was shivering and I needed to get out of the water. Two locals in kayaks came by and helped us look for another fifteen minutes, but we finally gave up.

We called Thrifty--they told us to call a locksmith, and that there was a $200 charge for lost keys. Not including the cost of the locksmith. We were on the phone with a local locksmith when the two kayakers paddled back up to us.

Guess what? They'd found our keys.

So we survived our tubing trip.

That evening we checked into a KOA campground (remember: budget vacation), set up our tent, then headed back to Lexington for dinner.

We hit a deer.

An adult deer came bounding across the road, and I saw him in time to brake; then right behind him came a smaller deer, who ran smack into my front bumper. I hit him at probably ten miles an hour. He spun on his back across the road and into the grass, then slowly got up and bounded away. So maybe he was okay. The car was fine.

We had dinner at the only restaurant that was still open at 8:45--a rather fancy restaurant called the Southern Inn. Ethan had fried chicken strips and said it was the best part of the vacation so far.

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