Wednesday, January 21, 2015

30 Days of Rhyme: Day 21 - Seuss isn't Seuss

So about that cute picture that Dr. Seuss drew
Well, maybe he did, but some say it ain't true
It would take a good artist two minutes to forge
And at two thousand bucks, that's a pretty good gorge

It has a certificate saying it's real
But apparently that company's not the real deal
They've been banished from eBay--that's not a good sign
For hawking too many fake autographs--swine!

And why would Seuss doodle a Cat in the Hat
Then sign it, but not write "To Mike" or "To Pat"?
Unless he was cranking them out just to sell 'em
But that makes no sense, no, that wouldn't compel him

So I think the Seuss picture is basically trash
But I'm willing to buy it with counterfeit cash

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