Thursday, January 29, 2015

30 Days of Rhyme: Day 29 - The Ninjas 'fore Christmas, pt. 3

Just at that moment, up high on the hill
Nine little ninjas sat perfectly still.
There was Baxter and Bixler and Burpy and Blinky,
Ethan and Ella and Slurpy and Stinky.

And up in the tree was a ninja named Fin
Whose nose had turned cold from the cold winter wind.
They crouched 'neath the moon in the fresh-fallen snow
And peered at the enemy village below.

"You have to remind me of something," said Fin.
"Why don't we like them? Please tell me again."
"Because," whispered Ella, "as everyone knows,
Pirates and ninjas have always been foes."

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