Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year! New Font! New Rhymes!

My New Year's Resolution is to change my blog font size from "Normal" to "Large."

Done. Whew, that was a tough one.

My second New Year's Resolution is to finish all these @#$% children's book manuscripts that I need to finish. I'm cursing my lack of productivity, not children's books or children, per se. I mostly like both of those things.

My third New Year's Resolution is to write something that rhymes...every day in January. A little bit for the sake of sparking creativity. Mostly to procrastinate.

Day 1:
Mr. McSmelly
went to the deli
to buy his dog Seymour
a bagel with jelly

But when they returned
they suddenly learned
the jelly was bad
and the bagel was burned

Back to the deli
went Mr. McSmelly
with whimpering Seymour
still rubbing his belly

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