Sunday, July 26, 2015

Picnic in the park

I'm glad one of our friends suggested it; otherwise the highlight of my Sunday would've been doing six loads of laundry and taking a cardboard box down to the basement that the cat peed in.

It's nice to see faces of friends. You take them for granted--I do. It's nice to be outside in the sunshine, at the Turtle Pond, in Central Park, in New York City, on a summer Sunday afternoon, surrounded by people playing Frisbee and softball and having picnics and hanging out.

I took the dogs around to visit the babies and toddlers who wanted to pet them. We met a 9-month-old who started crawling toward us the moment she saw us. Her mom said it was the first time she'd ever petted a dog.

We said goodbye and moved on. Then, twenty feet away, I looked back, and the baby was trying to crawl after us. We went back, of course.

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