Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trip to Grandma's, Part 7

Church on Easter morning. First Congregational Church of Prophetstown.

The pews are half-filled, mostly with old people, but they're all happy to be here, and welcoming to us. Jennifer is a guest member of the choir today, next to her sister, Julie, who is a regular member. If I weren't married to Jennifer I'd think, "Who is that hot woman in the choir?"

Samuel and I sit in a pew next to Grandma. Ethan refused to let me comb his hair, so we left him at home with Grandpa, who has a cold (so he says). If Ethan were here he would think the phrase "pew next to Grandma" was hilarious.

The minister asks us to hold hands with the person next to us. An older lady grabs my hand before I can avoid it, and for an instant I'm 6 years old again, holding my Grandma Tarpley's hand as she sings from the Methodist Hymnal. Samuel holds my other hand, and he is the sweetest boy in the universe.

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