Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip to Grandma's, Part 3

Ethan: (Setting up figures on the airplane tray table) I have one attack, one weapon, and one shield.

Todd: Who wins between these guys?

Ethan: Well, this guy is a good guy and your guy is a bad guy.

Todd: So which one wins?

Ethan: Well, usually the good guy. But usually the bad guy almost wins. But then the good guy usually wins. There's a potion that the bad guy puts on that makes you invincible for 24 hours.

Todd: Does it work?

Ethan: It works for 24 hours.

(We battle. Ethan hums action music.)

Todd: Did I almost win?

Ethan: Well, you're winning so far. And I only have one life left in the whole game. And usually you lose just by me attacking you once. But since you're invincible I'm about to lose. But since it's getting dark out the day is over. (He hums action music and battles.) Now you lose.

Todd: So you got me?

Ethan: Mmmhmm. But you almost got me that time. Because you put that potion on.

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