Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip to Grandma's, Part 2

On the flight to Illinois, I sit with Samuel, and Jennifer sits with Ethan. Samuel and I can hear Ethan's panicked shrieks a few rows back during takeoff. About 10 minutes later, Jennifer comes up and asks me to trade seats with her. I go back with Ethan.

Todd: How ya doing?

Ethan: Taking off is the scariest thing ever. It's like the spaceship ride at Mars 2112. And also when the plane moves all around, like sideways and sometimes upside down.

Todd: I don't think the plane really goes upside down.

Ethan: Yeah, it does. That's when they turn the seatbelt sign on.

Todd: Hmmm.

Ethan: Dad, can we take a car back?

Todd: Back to New York? No.

Ethan: Please? I really don't want to take a plane. When are we there?

Todd: One more hour.

Ethan: A whole hour?? (Pulling the phone out of the seatback) Dad, look--we have a phone. (Pulling my tray down) Dad, put your thing down. (Pulling his carry-on bag from under the seat) Dad, where are my Imaginext figures? Dad, wanna have a battle? (Getting up) Dad, I have to go to the bathroom.

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