Sunday, August 28, 2011

Live blogging for Hurricane Irene

Sat, 4pm: Devastation everywhere...papers, books, and dirty clothes strewn about...junk piled high on every surface...and that's just the inside of our apartment. Storm has not yet begun.

Sat, 6pm: Panic beginning to set in. Who is going to deliver our food to us during the hurricane? What if we want sushi but all we can get is pizza?

Sat, 8pm: Just ordered sushi from restaurant on Amsterdam. Crisis averted for now.

Sat, midnight: Jennifer just asked me if I'd be willing to run to the deli and get her a dozen eggs so she can make a fritada. Jennifer, are you insane?? It's midnight and there's a raging hurricane outside!

Sun, 12:05am: Deli man says hi to everyone on the Internet and reiterates that they are located at 82nd and Amsterdam and will try to stay open tomorrow if they can.

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  1. I love the advertisement for the deli on Amsterdam. If ever I get to visit New York, I think I'll try to visit that Deli. I think it would be fun to visit New York for a week or so. there must be so much to see.
    P.S. I love Ethan's comment about old people and wood work! He makes me smile! <3