Sunday, August 28, 2011

We survived!

We awoke this morning to find our apartment and neighborhood still intact. There are a few leaves and twigs on the sidewalk, and some puddles in the street, but we're far enough from the water to have avoided any major effects.

The biggest damage: dog turds and puddles of pee in the boys' room this morning. That's kinda par for the course anyway. Also, Ethan fell off the sofa last night, where he was sleeping.

Jennifer and Samuel are still asleep. Ethan is sitting next to me playing a game on his laptop while watching "iCarly." Kahlua is lying on the floor next to us. Bailey is probably peeing in the boys' room.

Happy thoughts and good wishes from NYC.


  1. Another lucky day in the Big Apple...another hundred years and that place will be under another 50 feet of sea water. mark my words...

  2. I'm so happy you guys made it. In Virginia it was pretty anti-climactic (Vermont, my motherland, got pummeled though). My mother isn't able to work for over a week because the server for the agencies that she works for the State of Vermont is under water...
    Hoped they backed up the files...