Sunday, June 28, 2009

Attack of the Evil Monsters and Spies

Ethan's epic movie is finally complete.

It was truly a production of epic proportions. Almost 2 years in the making. A cast of thousands. (Okay, that's not true.) Over $300 in production costs (special effects software, a green screen from eBay, replacement of one hand mirror broken during production, and food for cast and crew).

Locations included a park (Central Park), an open cellar (the corner deli), a secret underground spy lab (our apartment building's lobby and basement, our apartment's fire exit stairwell, and Samuel and Ethan's bedroom), a secret dog spy training ground (Central Park), a heliport (the sidewalk in front of our building), the mountains above Los Angeles (the buidling next door), the interior of a helicopter (the sidewalk in front of our building), a castle (Belvedere Castle in Central Park), a school (Samuel and Ethan's school), and a final evil monster battle scene (the lobby and roof terrace of our building).

Special effects courtesy of Samuel, with some help from me to get the damn thing finished.


As for a physical movie premiere, we're still discussing it. We want to make one more movie before we go renting out a theater. Stay tuned on that front. In the meantime, enjoy "Attack of the Evil Monsters and Spies," by Ethan Tarpley.

Congratulations, Ethan!

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