Monday, June 1, 2009


In some ways this is my favorite time of year. Summer is not yet here, so there is all of the anticipation and excitement that summer is coming, but none of the disappointment that comes toward the end of the summer when you realize you're not going to be able to do everything you wanted to do.

This weekend we attended a haiku competition awards ceremony for Ethan, who won honorable mention; helped Samuel buy supplies to make a hover board; took Samuel to PS 86's street fair; searched for more black-and-tan Cockaliers on the Internet; had a dinner date with Jennifer at the new Mexican restaurant on our corner; rented a car and went to the annual school picnic at Tallman State Park in Rockland County; went to Target; had Sunday night dinner at Friendly's in Tenafly, NJ on the way home; and let Kahlua come with me to return the rental car.

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