Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top 5 GM Memories

#3: 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

Summer 1979, Durango, Colorado. I'm 16. I'm driving a gold Trans Am. It is from Tarpley Truck & Trailer, my dad's car and truck dealership. It has a metal-flake dashboard, racing-grip steering wheel, cassette deck, a great big hood decal, and a loud, deep, throbbing engine. It is mine for the night.

It is the hottest car I have ever driven, and in the passenger seat is the hottest girl in the history of the universe: Jo, with long blonde hair that falls into her eyes and which she brushes away every time she giggles. Sweet, shy eyes, and the hottest body any human should be allowed to have.

But she is a Capulet, and I am a Montague. She is "How Great Thou Art." I am "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." These things don't work out in real life, the parents know. At least her parents know.

Love is fleeting, but it is grand on a summer night at 16 in a friggin' gold Trans Am.

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