Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top 5 GM Memories

#1: 1977 Pontiac Firebird Formula

1979-80: This is not a single memory, but a whole senior year's worth.

It's dark green, with a T-roof--removable glass panels that turn it into a targa. Beige velour interior. Yes, it's from my dad's car lot, but this one is actually "mine."

Sep '79: I wear black rayon "driving" gloves and pull into the high school parking lot with the T-roof panels off. Radio on. "My Sharona."

Nov '79: My little sister April asks me what it's name is. I say cars don't have names. She says you have to give it a name. So I say, fine, it's called The Green F--k, now leave me alone.

Mar '80: I leave the T-roof off one night, and the next morning there's snow inside.

May '80: I take Cindy Mannon to the prom. She's a transfer student from California. Do we have anything in common? Have we had anything vaguely resembling a real conversation? Who cares--she's a transfer student from California. We look good, and it's a good storyline. After the prom we do donuts in the parking lot.

June '80: I leave for a summer session at NYU, and my dad sells it.

Every act has its curtain. There will be other cars, other songs, other storylines.

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